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1. The Imaging World 4668-5 The Imaging World Instant Camera

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The Imaging World 4668-5 First Impressions

"As described."

The kids were fascinated with the idea too! Overall its a great little gadget! I would absolutely recommend! I suggest to buy 2-3 more packs of film. Christmas miracles are real, people.

  • Impossible/Polaroid Color Glossy Instant Film for Polaroid Originals I-Type OneStep2 Camera - 5-Pack
  • Instant film with classic white frame / Format: length 3.4” × height 4.25” / Image area : length 3.1” × height 3.1”
  • Asa 640 - The more light in your shot, the better your photo will turn out. Instant Polaroid film loves light, especially natural light. Use the flash for all your indoor photos. For best results we also recommend using the flash for outdoor shots, unless it’s a bright sunny day.
  • Photos develop in 10-15 mins / All photos appear blank at first. They’re most sensitive during this time, so don’t bend or shake them. Shield them from the light and place them face down as they develop. Keep color photos shielded from light for about 6 minutes.
  • Store chilled, shoot warm - Temperature affects how the film works. Keep it stored cold in the fridge, but never freeze it. Ideally you should let it adjust to room temperature before you use it. That’s around 55-80°F. When it’s cold out, keep your photos warm in a pocket close to your body while they develop. Or if it’s a hot day, make sure they stay cool.
  • Does not work with Vintage Polaroid cameras – Only for OneStep 2 Camera - 8 Instant photos– Polaroid pictures are unique, no two pictures are the same, so think before you shoot.
  • Editor's Impressions Of The The Imaging World 4668-5
  • Color Correctness
  • Picture Quality
  • Film Clarity
  • Quality
  • Value For Money
  • Affordability

The Imaging World 4668-5 Final Thoughts

"Very sturdy!"

Great value for the price, Great quality film. Comes out and develops fast. Instant print paper has finally gotten it right. This has been mentioned by other reviewers. Highly recommend & would purchase again.

Overall Score

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