Editor's Choice - Our Favorite Readytosky Video Cameras

1. Readytosky Readytosky Video Camera

User Ratings: 67 6

Readytosky First Impressions

"Good for flight."

Everything worked well right out of the box. This new compass requires no compass calibration on start up. Wish I got a bit longer on the drone battery though. It's pretty quick and sounds like a really loud mosquito. Didn’t unplug in the middle of the flights.

  • Readytosky 220mm FPV Racing Drone Frame Carbon Fiber 5 inch Quadcopter Freestyle Frame Kit 4mm Arms + Lipo Battery Strap
  • ★The 4mm thick, 6061 aluminum structure on the front of this frame corners the market for providing the most protection and versatility in mounting your cameras.
  • ★The "low-rider" style top-plate,this lowered mount gets the battery closer to the center of gravity for this machine.
  • ★An unexpected (but very welcome) feature of the recessed top-plate is that the camera cage will be more likely to protect your battery in the event of an upside-down impact.
  • ★The innovation (that we will explore here) is the VTX mount on the rear of the bus.
  • ★Full 3K Carbon Fiber airframe featuring a solid 4mm fpv frame arms.
  • Recommended Age: 16 years and up
  • Editor's Impressions Of The Readytosky
  • Video Quality
  • Picture Quality
  • Durability
  • Quality
  • Value For Money
  • Affordability

Readytosky Final Thoughts

"Ease of use."

This really is a great drone for anyone of any ability. I love this Readytosky Video Camera, it is a beast in a small package! This is a great flyer for both indoor and outside flying. Very durable for a beginner to crash lots of times. It doesn't have that annoying buzz that some have.

Overall Score

(62 Points)

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